Albistrasse 33b, 8134 Adliswil, ZH



We are above the HEUSSER ORTHOPEDIC shop. You can see our windows with logo on the left hand side of Albistrasse (coming from Adliswil banhof). The entrance to the atelier is from the back of the building. 


By car: You need to turn left at the traffic light towards Werbereistrasse. There’s a BUCHER, Hair stylist in the corner. Turn left again into the carpark. We are after the NELSON PUB. Parking spaces available for Crafty Hands are 41, 40 and 39.


By foot: Walking from Adliswil Bahnhof, on the left side of Albisstrasse, you need to pass the Print shop RIESEN. There’s a small passage between the two buildings, walk in then up the outdoor stairs. You are in the carpark. We are in the 3rd room, next to the MENDICI Music school.



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